Harford County Democratic Club Updates & Party Information

Letter to Harford County Democrats:
Dear Russell and Harford County Democratic Club Leaders,
My name is Lisa, and I’m excited to hear that Hillary Clinton has officially announced her candidacy! I’m a graduate of Wellesley College and first time entrepreneur. My venture is something I’m passionate about and something that will positively impact our community! I just launched a Hillary Clinton t-shirt business for her upcoming 2016 campaign, www.YouGoGirl2016.com.
I was wondering if your organization would be interested in purchasing my Hillary Clinton shirts at wholesale discount price or participating in a referral program. Our shirts are also great for the occasional fundraising dinner or silent auction. I believe this can be a good (aka fun and profitable) business opportunity for both your organization and my new venture!
Thank you so much for your time and patience. I look forward to hearing from you. As a new entrepreneur, I hope I can partner with Harford County Democratic Central Committee!
A fellow Hillary Clinton supporter!

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