The African American Democratic Club shall promote the Organization’s objectives by:

  1. Increasing active and informed participation of African Americans in Harford County in all aspects of the political process;

  2. Encouraging African Americans to seek active roles in elected and appointive positions;

  3. Serving as a base for communication between African American Club members and the various organizational units in the Democratic Party of Harford County;

  4. Collaborating with affiliated organizations to implement programs and initiatives of the Party that impact African Americans;

  5. Providing a forum for advocating and educating on matters that may impact African Americans; and

  6. Developing youth members to become informed, active supporters of and participants in the political process.

  7. Working toward our collective community interest while respecting that we may have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, but only a permanent interest.

  8. Providing a voice for collective activism well founded in faith.

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