We Are At War


We have lived in occupation
Many cities one Black occupied nation
Rewrite the history
Books of lies
Tell truth to wrongs and kill the allibis. This is war.

Uplift the truth tellers
Release the dime bag weed sellers
Time for penny any crime
Lock up the double digit unemployment rate
No safe space for blackness drowned in dark hate

And you stand appauled
Man women child on back and defiled
Brains rearranged – Frankenstein
Reality redefined in these times

Bound by bitter truth
No resources no pot to piss in
No roof
This snarling dog is ruthless
Kill, be killed, or die hopeless

And most ain’t soldiers
They toothless
They ain’t real
Reality TV
Selves defined outside of production have no function

No Wise dome
Men without a throne
Leaving their women ass out
And kids assed out
hoed crawling on knees for dollars and babes boiling and black and…

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