Kandy and Appetizers

Kandie being candid (Watch Video)



Both campaigns were in full swing. By all measures it was the Democrats race to lose. After all, he was the incumbent. Lt. Governor Anthony Brown was heir apparent to the powerful O’Malley regime. Maryland had only elected two Republican Governors over the last 50 years.

Brown’s opponent, a self proclaimed outsider, was a real estate investor with little if any political background. The word among insiders was only that the, “guy is authentic.”

I remember the call from one friend, a political insider, who’d walked with then  candidate Larry Hogan in Baltimore County. He called me soon after. He said, “this guy is gonna take Baltimore County and he’s got friends in Baltimore.”

It wasnt long after that that we were introduced to Kandy Leach. Leach, a registered Democrat who’d never vited for a Republican took center-stage during the campaign battle, starring in a hard hitting campaign ad and speaking in support of Republican Gubernatorial candidate Hogan.

Not surprisingly, Kandie is pretty candid in her views, particularly when speaking about party issues.


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