Baltimore’s Marilyn Mosby Wants Separate Trial For 2 Cops Involved In Freddie Gray’s Death

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Marilyn Mosby Source: Andrew Burton / Getty
As a nation, one of our many faults as a nation is that we tend to only care about a situation in so far as is it is making headlines in the news. And while the Baltimore uprising may have started almost two months ago now, it is a distant memory in the context of the news cycle. Of course with how often we are inundated with news of Black deaths, especially the deaths of unarmed men and women, it is all too easy to move onto the ?next one.?

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Baltimore Mayor Marilyn Mosby, however, is on top of everything as she has proven since Freddie Gray?s death, and the subsequent events in Baltimore drew national attention. As a reminder, Gray died of injuries while in police custody, which eventually…

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